Fad Free Cooking – Sept 2016

Nutrition advising services, weight management and lifestyle management – a blog and helping people with nutrition. Hobby that evolved into a career – ftf meeting clients. Process of my own lifestyle change – a lot of reading and research.

Qualifications were done alongside fad free cooking


Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Started working for an established gym progressed to ‘a reputable health and leisure centers’ establishment as a ‘Well being Personal Trainer’ – working 1on1 with clients to help achieve their own lifestyle goals.

Level 3 Fitness Instructor

Personal training services – did odd jobs with his own personal trainer – started training friends, mutual friends and general public. At a variety of gyms, locations, homes etc..

Joint Pain Advaisor


Personal Trainer for The Gym


CEO and Founder - Early 2019

company was established – total 40 clients – variety of different … lifestyle & sport related reasons.
personalised,guided and sustainable weight-loss plans.

This is why we do and what we do.

I have already gained so much confidence since working with Aleks after just a few weeks. His approach to personal training is unique and genuine. His enthusiasm for fitness is contagious and his knowledge of the body and how it functions is invaluable. He makes a comfortable atmosphere and pushes me to achieve my full potential. I have loved working with him and really look forward to our sessions.

GinaMotivating Coach

Also is very experienced and he knows what he does. He goes out a mile to help his client to achieve his or her girls.

Gurinder AbrollWeight Loss

I have been training with Aleksander for the past three weeks. Aleksander is very professional and knowledgeable. He always explains what we are doing and why. In addition, he is also incredibly patient and always willing to listen to me and design exercises that would help achieve my fitness goals. He is also extremely encouraging and supportive. I truly feel each session left me with a ‘I’ve done a good job’ feeling. Overall, it has been a great experience training with him and I will definitely recommend Aleksander to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

Min SunGreat Personal Trainer

I have only had a handful of sessions with Aleksander and I have already learnt so much that I could never have learnt on my own. I am also noticing progress already and have become much more confident in the gym! Aleksander is lovely to work with - he is very knowledgeable and totally present with you during the session, making him very aware of your needs. I really appreciate everything I've learnt so far and I am looking forward to the rest of our journey together.

Georgia DickinsonGreat Coach!

Alex is fantastic personal trainer. He has given me great personal instructions on my workouts. Thank you Alex 😊
Now I am following his online workout sessions and I am really enjoying them. Exercises are diverse and I like the way he pushes us to carry on and to not give up 😁. I highly recommend Alex as PT.

Elisavet ChasiridiGreat Personal Trainer!

ASAPersonal Training has been fantastic.
I've been joining in the live daily HIIT classes and I'm already seeing a difference in the definition in my legs and abs! The sessions are fun, energetic and highly effective!

Francesca ParryAmazing Online Video trainer